10 in 10, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization (FEIN 83-3716062), committed to showcasing the hidden jewels of our city, attracting others to call her home and participating in community initiatives such as Better Together CWV (registered trade name of 10 in 10, Inc.).  All donations are made payable to 10 in 10, Inc. and tax deductible. 

The concept for Better Together CWV originated from a simple conversation between friends (Tony Paranzino, Jennifer Pharr, Bernie Layne and Harry Bell) with a resounding theme, ‘What can we do?, How can we help?’  This conversation has grown to an initiative to help combat the economic strain from COVID19; Better Together CWV. 

The Better Together CWV Advisory Committee is comprised of local business owners from a variety of backgrounds: retail, restaurant, legal, nonprofit, technical and real estate sales. The advisory committee is committed to reviewing each application, making timely decisions; understanding the importance to assist Charlestonians during a very sudden and trying time. 

The disruption caused by COVID19 may last for several months. The Better Together CWV Advisory Committee will review applications and provide assistance as long as there is a need and funding. 

Awarded funds for displaced workers will be administered with the help of KISRA. 

The outpouring of compassion and support is greatly appreciated.

As always,




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